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HydroFlux Welder - Introduction

Brazing and soldering are some of the oldest methods for joining two metals. As early as 1475 B.C. soldering was being used to join gold and silver. The heat source for these early operations was usually a wood or charcoal fire fanned by the solderer's breath. Thankfully, the art of soldering has evolved since then.

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For many years standard soldering torches operated on a variety of combustible gasses. Natural gas, acetylene, methane, propane, and air/gas combinations were widely used throughout many industries. However, these gasses have drawbacks. They are usually bought in pressurized bottles that can be costly, dangerous and are prohibited in some buildings in an increasing number of municipalities and states. In addition, these gasses generally do not burn cleanly and can leave excessive oxidation and "fire scale" on articles. What the jewelry industry needed was a torch that could solder cleanly, effectively and safely.

The HydroFlux Welder answers all these needs and more. The HydroFlux is an oxyhydrogen generator that operates by converting distilled water into an oxygen/hydrogen fuel gas. The HydroFlux Welder creates gas on a demand basis. This means that there is no potentially dangerous stored gas.

Because the HydroFlux Welder burns a gas that has a high hydrogen content, it produces what is referred to as a reducing flame. What this means is that the flame of the HydroFlux Welder will actually eliminate oxides to some extent. Because it reduces oxidation, soldering with the HydroFlux Welder is much cleaner than what can be achieved with traditional torches. However, the reducing flame of the HydroFlux is only effective where the flame is actually in contact with the piece. Because of this, it is always advisable to use a flux dip prior to soldering, and to use a suitable flux when soldering to ensure clean, perfect joints.